24 Days of Christmas: 11th Day

The 11th day of Christmas and the day before my birthday!! All very exciting. After spending the evening shopping for bubbly in preparation for the celebrations with a few friends, I am finally prepared and only one bottle got smashed in transit from supermarket to flat which is always good!

Having said that, today’s post is going to be short but sweet.

Today I’m recommending a bag that says exactly how I feel about it on the outside! It’s the J’adore clutch from Miss Selfridge.

After the success of slogan bags on the high street, Miss Selfridge has provided us with an excellent selection for us to feast our eyes on. They’re also amazing value at £16 and really soft AND (most importantly) all come with an inner zip to put your essentials on a night out.

Miss Selfridge, £16.

Miss Selfridge, £16.

Get your hands on this clutch and view the rest of the collection at www.missselfridge.com!

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Paige x


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