24 Days of Christmas: 1st Day

Instead of posting my regular post on a Sunday, I decided to wait until today so I could challenge myself to committing to the 24 days of Christmas. As part of this challenge I will be aiming to make 24 recommendations (yep, one a day until Christmas Day), whether that be a fashion, beauty or lifestyle suggestion.

So without further ado…

“On the first day of Christmas I recommend to you…”

Topshop’s 24 Days of Nails Advent Calendar

Topshop Nail's advent calendar

If you haven’t got your advent calendar yet, or if you’re looking for an extravagant purchase at the beginning of December, look no further than Topshop’s 24 Days of Nails advent calendar. At £50 it may be seen as quite a steep price tag (alternatives are available) however, what’s won me over is the prospect of a new mini nail varnish EVERY day for 24 days! What’s more, you’ll also be able to keep up to date with my blog posts much better too… winning all round ;)! These advent calendars can only be purchased Online so click to browse here.

Let me know if you’ve got your hands on a novelty advent calendar this year.

Paige x



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