24 Days of Christmas: 7th Day

On the 7th day of Christmas I recommend to you, a visit to the Comedy Store.

Following an inpromptu night with my boyfriend, his sister and brother in law, who had spare tickets for the Comedy store in London last night, I would highly recommend a visit.

After ending up having a few too many drinks at a nearby bar, we drew the short straw and were seated on the front row. Being at a stand up comedy night, that’s the last place you ideally want to sit, so as the evening started we were picked on right from the off. Luckily for Jon and myself; Jon’s sister, brother in law and the rest of the unlucky ones joining us on the front row provided more than enough material for the comic to get everyone suitably warmed up prior to the acts entering the stage.

Comedy Store, London

There were 4 acts, all who we were unaware of, but each were equally as brilliant. I also recognised a couple from TV shows I’ve seen in the past, but I couldn’t tell you what shows they’ve been in, probably just because my memory is awful! The line up for our show was as follows; Paul Thorne, Paul Tonkinson, Joe Lycett and Gina Yashere however, the line up changes every show.

This was the first comedy club I’ve been to, previously only ever seeing big comedians at the O2 or other huge arenas therefore, I would highly recommend The Comedy Store London, or the Manchester venue, for an amazing night out!

After the show we went for a quick walk through London to see some sights, get another couple of drinks and then went out separate ways. I’ve put a few iphone pictures below of the rest of the evening.

Paige x


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