24 Days of Christmas: 8th Day

This post is less about the pretty things and more about something really useful, Readly! I was recently told about an app which was pretty much made for people like me!

On the 8th day, I recommend for you… the amazing app, Readly.

What is Readly?

The app itself is a subscription based app which gives you instant access to over 750+ magazines in one go. It covers everything from business and finance to wedding and sports, but for me, I’m interested in the Fashion magazines. Due to my job, I regularly purchase magazines to check out the competition and to do some general browsing for things I might want to purchase in the near future. This app lets you do all of that without killing trees at the same time!

There’s a monthly subscription cost of £10.99 however, if you regularly purchase weekly magazines it could actually save you money. You could also share a login with someone to half the monthly subscription and make it even more cost effective!


That’s all for tonight! Leave me a comment if you check out the app!

Paige x


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