24 Days of Christmas: 9th Day

After years of finding a small sewing kit, some nail clippers, a key ring or even some cuff links if you’re really lucky, my family and I have deviated away from your standard Christmas Crackers. This year (and the year before) we’ve opted for fill your own crackers.

While they’re a bit more expensive if you have to buy everyone’s gifts, this year we’re doing Secret Santa: Cracker Edition, which also makes things a bit more fun!

It’s self explanatory really, each person has drawn a name of a someone attending this year’s family Christmas Day celebrations, then we’re tasked with finding a present (the size of a cracker) for our selected person for £5. Finally, on the day, we will each have to try and guess who’s bought said cracker present – this is where the more amusing/personal the present, the better!

The best crackers I’ve seen are these John Lewis £5 fill your own crackers. As Christmas crackers go, these are understated, yet classy!

John Lewis, £5.

John Lewis, £5.

I’ll leave you with a few ideas on what to fill your crackers with (depending on the person):

– Nail Varnish

– Golf Tees

– Beauty Samples

– Paperchase knick knacks!

– Personalised stationery

– Jewellery (this one is also totally unexpected too)

– There’s also some great humorous presents out there too

Let me know if you have any other ideas on what to fill your crackers with. I’ll also be posting  my family’s cracker contents on Instagram so follow to make sure you see them! @paigesime

Paige x


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