The Clinique Experience

After entering Selfridges, I was on a mission. A mission to find skin care that would dramatically improve the appearance of my somewhat tired, blemished skin. With a lot of choice I started to go from counter to counter to check out what was on offer (much to the annoyance of my boyfriend, who I had told this would be a quick trip! Opps!!).

Clinique has always been a brand I trust but, to be honest, I hadn’t spent much time researching their latest product offering so was feeling slightly out of the loop when I arrived at their concession. After going through the ins and outs of my skincare routine, skin type, as well as any problem areas, suggestions were given on a couple of face creams that would fit my requirements. At the time, my budget face cream (unsurprisingly) wasn’t cutting it and I felt, at 25, if there was a ever a time I could justify spending slightly more on beauty products, it was now!

Clinique Smart Custom SPF 15 moisturiser

The Smart range at Clinique was offered as their newest range, benefitting from all the bells and whistles of their latest technology. The word youthful was also dropped into conversation, rather than anti-ageing, which immediately sealed the deal for me.

clinique face cream

After using the cream for over 3 weeks, morning and night, I can now say I’m a firm believer in this “smart” technology. Without changing any other aspect of my life; getting the same amount of sleep, working just as hard in my job and eating the exact same diet as before, I noticed visible differences. My overall appearance is now one which is a lot less tired! While I’m not saying this face cream is the equivalent of a chemical peel, there really was and is a noticeable difference to my skin’s appearance.

Anti-blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel

Without wanting this to sound like a extract of someone’s diary, my other skin concern is the lovely effects hormones have on your skin. Usually I have quite clear skin, that is until a week or so before my time of the month, which is the moment all hell breaks loose in the form of blemishes.

Following another quick consultation, I was recommended the Clinical Clearing gel to try and combat the unwanted hormone triggered blemishes. Whilst the entire range may not be suited to me as I don’t have a massive acne problem, the clearing gel is a really good way to be proactive when tackling spots. The product can be applied to any area you feel is about to break out, or conversely, when the blemish has already settled in…

While I tend to use this much more sparingly (it’s definitely called clinical for a reason!), the results again are highly desirable. After applying with a cotton pad, the gel dries up any spots (which I warn you can sting slightly) or, as previously mentioned, you could use it more as a preventative measure. The product works great on individual areas however, I would never recommend sweeping it across your face as it is far too harsh and incredibly drying! I also make sure I follow its up with my Smart SPF face cream to ensure my skin is given back some of its moisture.

Clinique Clinical Clearing GelAll About Eyes Eye Cream

Lastly, as I bought 2 products, Clinique give you a couple of sample sized freebies to entice you to part with more money, on some of their other amazing products.

One of the things I was given was their All About Eyes, eye cream. Lowing beyond, I tried it and now I’m obsessed. As you can see, I’ve actually run out of my sample and things really haven’t been the same since. My eyes have always been an area I’ve neglected. I’ve never bought myself a dedicated eye cream previously, as I didn’t really think I needed one just yet. Unfortunately, I’m now of the age where neglect in that area would be foolish and the All About Eyes sample proved exactly why. My eye area was enhanced, lifted and undeniably brighter from using this cream. I’m now waiting until payday to get myself back down to Selfridges to get myself another pot, this time not in sample size. Clinique have done exactly what they hoped they would do by giving me those freebies! Damn it!

all about eyes cliniqueLastly, I thought I would finish with this cute picture I took mid photo session. Our cat, Walter (named after Walter White from Breaking Bad), has a crazy obsession with sitting on paper and seeing as I had laid everything on a white paper background, he just had to get involved!

Walt the cat with all my Clinique products

Let me know your thoughts on these products or any other Clinique goodies!

Paige x


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