De-stress your skin

Working in London I’m constantly asking my skin to tackle a bucket load of pollutants on a daily basis. This then combines with the usual stresses of working, as well as adding a few sleep deprived, prosecco-fuelled nights out to formulate the perfect weekend, all before repeating the cycle all over again the following week. It’s no wonder then that my skin was starting to look a little lack-lustre (nothing to do with getting older whatsoever!) and why I’m happy to “invest” a little more in skincare, than I do in other areas.

One of my absolute favourite skincare brands and one I’m happy to recommend is Skyn Iceland. I’ve tried numerous products of theirs in the past and am yet to be disappointed by any of them! While I’m not going to talk about their cult-favourite Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, I will be talking about another favourite, the Glacial Facial Wash.

Skyn Iceland Glacial Facial wash packaging

This pearlescent cleanser starts as a cool gel, then turns milky and creamy, foaming slightly as you work it into the skin. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from spending a lot of time in Space NK, it’s to try products before you buy them. Testing cleansers on the back of your hands will show you the exact formulation before you spend a lot of money on a product. Having said that, this face wash doesn’t come with a ridiculous price tag (£19.50), but it’s always best to know exactly what your buying and how it leaves your skin feeling afterwards (always avoid products that leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and stripped of moisture – 9/10 that’s exactly what the product’s done, and it’s not particularly good for your skin either).

Skyn Iceland's Glacial Facial wash bottleFinally to de-stress your skin and to give it the complete overhaul, working away the effects of stress and returning it to a pulp, hydrated state, I like to follow the Glacial Facial Wash with Skyn Iceland’s Pure Cloud Cream. It really is light as air but packs a punch! A little more on the luxurious side at £41 for 50g, but it’s well worth a try!

Paige x

P.S. This post is not sponsored. I was lucky enough to meet the creator of Skyn Iceland as part of my job last year and now I’m hooked on the products! I’m very happy to support a smaller brand that produces products free from nasty chemicals, which are 100% vegan and cruelty-free!


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