Do Something You Love

I wanted to take a few moments to share with you what I believe is the most important thing. The thing that allows you to get up every day without dragging your heels, that challenges your mental capacity and provides you with a sense of pride or self worth.

It’s only really after leaving my “dream” job that I began to honestly answer the question, “What’s your 5/10 year plan?” Previously, this would have sent me running for the hills or reeling off generic goals I knew they wanted to hear. However, now I feel I can be totally honest when I admit, “I don’t have one right now”. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have any goals. Far from it, actually. Since leaving the job that was meant to provide me with my lifelong career, I’ve taken more risks and achieved more in a much shorter period of time. Maybe I was lucky to fall on my feet however, I applied for something I was curious about, not something that I had all the answers for and as a result of that, I’ve found it highly rewarding.

There’s one particular friend of mine whom epitomises the essence of doing something you love. She travels whilst holding down a 9-5, learns whilst teaching others the skills she’s mastered and has long since thrown away the rulebook on conventional dating. While I’m much more traditional in my habits, and have an increasingly apprehensive attitude to flying the older I get (or more films I watch), it’s with fondness that I am influenced to make my own goals in order to benefit in both my personal and work life.


  1. Saying yes when you are used to saying no is a great start.
  2. If it’s challenging, it’s worth it.
  3. Live in the moment, unless there’s sugar involved… that really sticks around.
  4. If someone hadn’t have got there first, how would you do it? Do that. Antiques are sort after, replicas are disappointing.
  5. Work bloody hard. Nothing, with the exception of perhaps a free drink in a bar, will be given to you without it.
Pink Happiness Notebook to motivate yourself to do something you love

Motivate yourself with fashionery as seen as

I’m hoping, by following these simple goals, I’ll continue to see the rewards of doing something I love rather than setting myself a strict 5-10 year plan!

I’m also going to try and implement this into blogging too. I don’t want my blog to become a replica model of others out there, following the status quo. Instead I want an original antique loved and cherished by myself and (hopefully) others!

Make sure you’re following my blog to see what I end up doing!

Paige x


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