It’s All In The Details


90s fashion already has a huge presence on our highstreet however, it’s not going anywhere soon. D-rings are set to be the next nod to the 90s, with the detail making a huge comeback this Autumn/Winter.

Topshop is one of the first highstreet stores to bring in some amazing items featuring D-rings. This blush playsuit is clean and sophisticated, featuring a simple D-ring fastening. They’ve also brought in the detail in both a skirt and shorts, with more options no doubt coming to stores soon.

ASOS is another retailer getting in early on the trend. This bandeau jumpsuit adds the D-rings on a simple belt, perfect to cinch in the waist. At £50, this is my favourite item from the Online site and is great for a classy evening out.

ASOS, £50.


With Christmas (dare I say it) just around the corner, embellishment, glitter and over the top detailing are only becoming more important for our wardrobes.

My favourite item is this Accessorize Daisy cutout body bag. This bag is the move on following their previously successful Spring/Summer colours, inspired by the Burberry SS14 show. I absolutely love the daisy applique and it’s one way to get the Burberry look at a fraction of the price!

Accessorize, £19.

Accessorize, £19.

Statement hats

Whether you prefer a fedora, trilby or a huge floppy hat, there’s something for everyone this season.

My personal favourite is the Miss Selfridge, £30 black embellished floppy hat. Maybe I’m a little biased, as I actually own this hat, but they are all great options for a perfect Autumnal look.

Nail Varnish

Finally, to add a touch more colour to your outfit my nail varnish recommendation is Barry M’s Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in the shade Watermelon.

With A/W being all about deep, warm shades, this teal colour is the perfect way to compliment to your outfit. I also love the finish of the high shine glossy Barry M nail varnishes, making it one of my top picks for nail paints at the moment.

Barry M, £3.99.

Barry M, £3.99.

Let me know if you have any recommendations now it’s getting a little colder and a lot darker!

Paige x



    • admin 14 October 2014 / 9:39 pm

      Thanks Genevieve – really like your blog too!!

  1. Marc Kleboe 12 October 2014 / 8:57 pm

    Loving the bandeau-jumpsuit. She is tidy.

    Will there be any other fashion trends coming back from the 80’s? I’m desperate to get myself a multi coloured shell suit.

    Please keep your ears low to the ground. I don’t to be left behind and miss out.


  2. Sharon Pate 14 October 2014 / 11:23 pm

    It was interesting to learn about D rings. I had no idea that is what they are titled. I just have always liked their incorporation on different types of garments. The hats are fabulous. I really like the blue hat. The color is so rich.


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