Made in March

It’s March already, I know, where is the time going?!

March brings about one of my busiest months. Not only that, today was D-day for me, the event I’ve been talking about for a while now, but has now finally arrived. I’ve moved in with my other half (how grown up does that sound?!). Whilst my things already pretty much lived here already, it’s quite a big step so I’m hoping everything goes smoothly from here on in! It also helps that he lives with some lovely house mates, so I’m sure there’ll be even more excuses as to why a night out is definitely needed.

This brings me on to my ‘Made in March’ challenge I’ve set myself. Made in March really refers to the act of getting into shape in March; hiding under a host of oversized jumpers until April comes about, by which time I should be officially made! Four weeks doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’m hoping I should be a more trim and healthier version of myself by that time.

There’s a whole host of people inspiring me at the moment to get into shape and encouraging me to give Made in March a real shot. Millie Mackintosh, to me, is a fitness goddess. She’s all about comfort food but done in a healthy way – her roast dinners look like a dream. She’s also really into her fitness, and as those of you who follow her on Instagram will know, she’s an absolute machine when it comes to the gym!

The next motivator of Made in March is blogger and Youtuber Niomi Smart. Although she’s an extreme version of healthy, I’m planning on taking parts of her lifestyle to influence my diet and exercise routine. Her healthy living post gives some great ideas which I’m going to be putting into practise in March to try to cut out the refined sugar I crave.

I’m also using my planning brain to make things a little easier to complete my Made in March goals:

1. Plan meals

2. Prep meals the night before – this relates to lunches, dinners or even breakfast. Anything you can do the night before will make the process of actually eating it the next day quicker and more convenient.

3. Create an exercise plan

4. Use motivational pictures

5. Have an end goal – find the dress/item of clothing you want (that’s not too far off from fitting) and think about said clothing when all you want is a Cadbury’s Creme Egg!

Hopefully, by following my own advice and using these 5 steps I’m going to feel like a better version of myself come April. I’m also hoping to be able to tick the box below and fit into these Miss Selfridge Bleach Ripped Knee jeans, in a size 8, by the end of March (I’m already regretting setting myself this challenge as bleached denim isn’t the most forgiving of washes!!).

Bleach Ripped Knee jean Miss Selfridge

To keep up to date with my progress follow me on Instagram @paigesime or by searching #madeinmarch.

If you also want to join in good luck and tag me in any of your pictures on Instagram!

Paige x



  1. Lorraine Sime 1 March 2015 / 10:13 pm

    Good luck with your made in march challenge.

  2. helen at thelovecatsinc 5 March 2015 / 9:59 pm

    good luck with it all! i need to do something similar i think

    from helen at

    ps. you can win the rose gold GHD set on my blog – click here!

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