Party Perfection

With 6 and a half weeks to go until Christmas (yes, really!), it now seems like an acceptable time to start planning the perfect party wardrobe. I’ve put together a few of outfits to give you some inspiration over the festive season.

Look 1 -The Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit, coming soon to Topshop, is the perfect sophisticated party piece, with the embellished bandeau giving an edge to the whole outfit. Dress it up with some strappy heels, a red lip and simple clutch for a polished look.

My Top Tip: Try out some of the make up tutorials on Charlotte Tilbury. To add a bit of WOW to this outfit, I would recommend either ‘The Bombshell’ or ‘The Vintage Vamp’. You can also get drug store jupes for each of the looks and follow along with Charlotte Tilbury herself!

Look 2 – Girly Glam

In my opinion, no one really does glamourous party wear quite like Miss Selfridge.

If you’ve got a special event to go to this festive season, why not try this bonded embellished prom dress. The shape of this dress is so flattering as it’s quite structured and surprisingly heavy, making it feel luxurious and worth every penny.

My Top Tip: For shoes and accessories, either choose a contrast colour for a bold look or go for pretty shades for an intense girly appearance.

Look 3 – Smart Casual

Not all events call for a floor length gown therefore, for my final outfit I’ve picked a few pieces which should make you feel comfortable, yet gorgeous. For me, when dressing for this kind of evening, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable pair of heeled boots, a sparkly kimono and a good coat of nail lacquer to top it all off.

My Top Tip: Remember, it’s okay to wear jeans on a night out, just invest in a dressier pair and save them for nights out only!

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