How to be a savvy sale shopper

Some people seem to have a knack for sale shopping and always come home with some absolute bargains. I never really used to shop the sales, seeing as I worked for a high street retailer and had bags of free clothes bulging out my wardrobe. Now, as it’s a bit different, I’ve had to learn to be a savvy shopper and spot items that I know won’t leave me questioning my choices a few months down the line. I’ve pulled together a few of the top tips I swear by, for when I’m hoping to bag myself a real bargain.

1. Don’t be distracted

Always have an idea of what you want to get before you get in there. Is it a handbag to go with that dress you got recently? Do you want another workout top to add to the pile? By having a set goal it means you can quickly navigate to the right area of the store in a relatively stress free manner. This’ll save you the aimless trawl through rails of clothing that leave you wondering when they were ever full price.

2. Buy whole outfits

This isn’t the time to go for an “out-there” item that doesn’t fit with your current style, 9/10 it will end up falling down the back of your wardrobe, never to be seen again. To ensure things are going to be worn, create whole outfits. Think about how things are going to work together or how they’ll fit into the colour palette you wear on a regular basis. This will  increase the chances of your buys quickly becoming your go-to, favourite pieces.

3. Look out for those pieces you almost bought before

Something looking familiar? Some of my favourite sale items have been those where I reconsidered at the time (probably due to the state of my bank balance), only for the item to go into the sale AND be stocked in my size! In my mind, it was meant to be!

4. Don’t forget the accessories

I only ever really feel like my outfit is complete after I’ve added a few accessories. The sale is one of the best times to pick these up because, let’s face it, we’d rather be parting with the big bucks on special one-off pieces, or just more clothes, shoes or handbags!

5. A sale isn’t just for the current season

One of the best reasons to shop in the sale is to pick up a few bargains to store away for the following year. While I admit I don’t have buying next year’s coat sussed, I do use the sales to pick up those staples that will never go out of fashion. Think timeless pieces that are perfect to store away for when the weather changes.

Hopefully that’ll give you a few tips for your next trip to the sales. Also, if you’re wondering where any of the items are from in the pictures, be sure to check out the Zara sale. I’m obsessed (but then again. who isn’t?!).

Paige x


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