The perfect gel manicure

Looking for the perfect gel manicure? This weekend I spent Saturday morning, relaxing with housemates and catching up on the events of the previous night at London Grace, Clapham.

The perfect gel manicure: London Grace Polish

The venue

The venue is gorgeous! London Grace has really hit the spot when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere their clients can indulge in. We had 2 benches for the three of us, each with our own nail technician. We were then offered the chance to look over the menu but, seeing as it was only 10.30 we thought we’d lay off the prosecco and opt for a non-alcoholic beverage!

London Grace venue

Gel manicure

Nail salon Clapham

The manicure

I’ve only ever had a few gel manicures, but I found this treatment particularly enjoyable. The name of the treatment all 3 of us opted for was “Top Notch” (shape, cuticles, nail buff, gel polish, moisturise). Other treatments include “Hunky Dory” (shape, nail buff, polish) and “Stark Naked” (shape, nail buff, shine) which just adds to my love for this place.

It’s also worth mentioning my technician was also particularly great, ensuring my nails were short enough for me to get away with keeping my gels on for 2 weeks and still be an acceptable length to play netball with.

Gel manicure

Berry gel manicure

Finished look

This place is fab and the perfect salon to attend with friends for a social occasion. They also have another nail bar in Putney however, I’ve only tried to Clapham as of yet! That said, I’ll definitely be going back and highly recommend you make a visit too!

Paige x


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