This Week’s Roundup

Following a busy week, this post is a bit of an update on an exciting week.


First, was the excitement that started from the news that Sir Philip Green’s Topshop and Beyonce will launch a collaborative ‘global athletic streetwear brand’, going on sale from next Autumn.

I know I for one am particularly excited for this collaboration, not only because it all came out following a meeting with Sir Philip Green in the building next door to where I work! As you can imagine, when news spread that Beyonce was next door, things kind of got a bit hectic with people hanging vicariously out the office windows to try and catch a glimpse of her!

Although many tried, only a couple of people actually managed to get a slightly blurred picture of the singer before she was whisked away in a car with blacked out windows. We were able to feast our eyes on images of her the next day in all the pap pictures though- seriously, how they managed to even get a picture is beyond me as it all happened so quickly!



I also thought I’d share with you my favourite outfit from this week.

The weather continues to be undecided in the UK at the moment, but on the coldest day of the week I wrapped up in this number.

Unsurprising that this was my favourite outfit as it combines my three favourite things at the moment; oxblood, black and hats!


Lastly, I’m sure most of you celebrated Halloween this week.

This year I got all dolled up as Black Swan! Not going to lie the make up was quite infuriating but, after a third attempt, I eventually was happy – thank god for YouTube makeup tutorials!

We also spent a lot of time decorating the house, as this year, Jon’s house hosted the party. We created “Candy Land” one side of the house and “Death Valley” the other, which consisted of a LOT of sweets (candy) and beer pong to provide endless entertainment for the boys!

That’s all for today’s Sunday post however, I have a Wednesday treat lined up for you this week which will be a long awaited fashion post! Make sure you follow my blog to stay up to date!

Paige x


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