Welcome Back!

I feel like Her and The High Street and I have had enough of a hiatus. It’s been so long (since April 2015, if we’re being exact). Though I never fell out of love with blogging, I was becoming increasing frustrated with the overall look of my blog and my inability to change it. I wanted to be proud of absolutely everything I put out there, and while I was happy with the content, the aesthetics was letting the side down big time!

This brings me on to my next point. I’m hoping by now you would have noticed the complete overhaul of Her and The High Street. After many hours working on this little beauty (and some New Years’ determination), I finally got to a place where I’m happy. Extremely happy actually!

So what’s happened in almost a year? Quite a lot really. I started a new job, on a slightly different career path and joined a Graduate scheme (proving its almost never too late), I turned 25, and in turn hit my quarter life crisis – what do I actually want from life? – which may generate some relevant life content too. I also travelled a bit. Jon and I went to the Caribbean just before I started my new job, and we also visited Rome in December, as a result of a no chocolate for 6 months bet – which I won (hence the trip)! Jon and I also shared another anniversary together, with this year being my turn to arrange the surprises for him!

Domincan Republic Beach

Looking forward, I’m hoping to complete some of my own personal challenges and take you along on the journey eg. completing Pretty Muddy in September (raising money and awareness for Cancer Research), finishing my Grad Scheme, as well as the thing I’m most excited about… Jon and I buying our very first house together!

Let me know what you think of the new look in the comments and if you’re new, be sure to follow!

Paige x


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